Full Membership

Full members shall be bona fide organisations actively and professionally involved in safety and survival training and education relating to the marine environment. 

A Full Member of the Association is a voting member as soon as elected to this category.

An Applicant for Full Membership of the IASST shall be an Associate Member in good standing with the IASST.

An applicant for Full Membership must present him/herself to the International Meeting at which application is to be considered.
Applicants wishing to be considered for Full Membership shall submit the following information to Membership Director prior to the International Meeting at which they wish their application to be considered:

Completed and signed application for Full Membership

Written and signed confirmation of IASST Full member proposer and seconder 

Supporting documentation which will demonstrate compliance with full membership criteria. (Note such documentation may be certification that the organization is approved to deliver training by a national, international or industry body and/or documented  proof that the organization has contributed to advances in maritime safety and safety and survival training) 

If the application is complete with all necessary support documentation, the applicant/organisation has presented him or herself to an international meeting and has been approved by the majority of the members present at the international meeting;  
the applicant will be accepted as a Full Member subject to the receipt of membership fees.