05.09.2018Nordic survey on fishers' perceptions of safety measures

Nordic research project, supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers that united five countries – Norway, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Denmark and Iceland. We are proud that IASST members actively participated in this project.

27.11.2017Milhar Fuazudeen - Honorary Member of the IASST

The Directors of IASST are pleased to announce Mr Milhar Fuazudeen’ as an Honorary Member of the IASST.

25.10.201771st IASST international meeting hosted by CERONAV in Romania

The meeting of the International Association for Safety and Survival Training (IASST) was this time organized by CERONAV which is the national maritime safety training provider in Romania. There were members present from all over the world (Canada, Iceland, Norway, Ireland, France, Nigeria, Latvia, Finland, Romania, Taiwan and The Netherlands).

05.09.2016Obituary for Margaret McMillan

The Founder and Life Honorary Member of IASST, First Lady of maritime safety, prof. Margaret McMillan passed away on August 31, 2016 at age of 96.

26.11.201510th IASST Conference 2015

The National Maritime College of Ireland, as members of IASST, was hosting the 67th International IASST Meeting & Conference on the 19th to 20th of October 2015 at the National Maritime College of Ireland in Ringaskiddy. Conference highlights.

02.11.2015New IASST Chairman

At the recent 67th IASST International meeting and 10th International conference held at NMCI in Cork Ireland a new Chairman, Dmitrijs Semjonovs from Novikontas Latvia succeeded Captain Hilmar Snorrason from Iceland. Hilmar was IASST Chairman for over 10 years and was recognised by the members as an...

05.07.2015Competition “Jūrų keliais 2015” in Lithuania. IASST granted 1000 Eur to the best team.

The Directors of IASST observed school teams participating in the competition “Jūrų keliais 2015” organised by the Lithuanian Maritime Academy to promote the profession of seafarer. It coincided with the 66th IASST International meeting & seminar hosted by Novikontas in Klaipeda...

07.12.2014Dr. Chris Brooks - Honorary Member of the IASST

The Directors of IASST are pleased to announce Dr. Chris Brooks' as an Honorary Member of the IASST.  Dr. Brooks recently attended the Seminar Days 27-28 October 2014 hosted by Survival Systems Limited at the 65th Meeting & Seminar held in Halifax where he was granted this well deserved position...

06.08.2014Dr. Joe Cross OBE Obituary

The founder and Honorary President of IASST Dr. Joe Cross passed away on Sunday July 27th 2014 at age of 79.

29.07.2014Joe Cross Honorary President

On last Sunday our Honorary President and founder of IASST passed away.

02.07.2014Dorel Popa

It is with sadness that we learned that our memeber for many years Dorel Popa from Ceronav in Romania passed away in Bucharest July 1st. 2014 after struggeling with an incurable disease. We send our sincere condolences to his wife, family and CERONAV staff.

15.05.2014McMurdo Webinars

One of our members have drawn our attention to Webinar that is offered from McMurdo.

01.05.2014New photos in Gallery

Following each meeting photos from the event is posted on the web.


Every day the prospect of surviving immersion, somewhere in the world, is improved because of Frank Golden, who died on 5th January 2014.

15.11.2013International Award to Tolmann, Nigeria

Tolmann Allied Services Company Limited wins the International Quality Summit Award in the Golden Category.

15.11.2012April meeting 2013

As had been planed earlier then it was the plan to held the 62nd IASST International meeting in St. Malo in France but due to circumstances that meeting had to be moved to different location. The Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy Makarov Training Centre in St. Petersburg, Russia accepted to step...

29.06.2012Location of lifejackets

From the website Safety4Sea 07 Jun 12 The old lifejacket dilemma Lifoboat safety - safe ships IMO's Maritime Safety Committee has concluded its 90th session, its delegates having worked their way through the usual fearsome agenda. Not surprisingly, the discussions involving...

16.05.2012IASST meeting in Latvia

Papers and photos from the 60th International meeting of IASST hosted by Novikontas in Latvia can be accessed from  

16.05.2012Papers from Ditching EASA Conference

To IASST members Papers from Ditching EASA Conference can be found under interesting links on the internal site of the web. If members lack passwords they should contact the Chairman for new passwords. Capt. Hilmar Snorrason IASST Chairman 

06.02.2012Members new website

Recently our member from Belgium WOW company opened a new website which can be found at Visit the page to learn about our members product.

02.02.2012A tale from sole survivor

On January 25th 2012 the Icelandic trawler Hallgrimur sank in the North Atlantic off the coast of Norway in full storm. Three crewmembers perished while the fourth Eirikur Ingi Johannsson survived after spending over three hours in 15 meter high seas in survival suit. He tells here his story but she...

01.12.2011Minutes from meeting in Walvis Bay

The minutes from the 59th International Meeting held in Walvis Bay in last October is now available to members through restricted area of the web. If user names and passwords are missing members should contact the chairman for renewing access.

15.11.2011Photos from meeting in Walvis Bay

Pictures from the International meeting in Walvis Bay hosted by NAMFI have now been added to our web site. By opening the Gallery and chose 2011 Walvis Bay the photos can be accessed. You can also use this link.

24.05.2011SafeSpace Project

Bob Couttie of Maritime Accident Casebook has launched a new project SafeSpace which is an initiative to reduce the unacceptable death toll of seafarers in confined spaces. It is his hope that his will become a collaborative, industry-wide effort actively seeking to reach out to those who suffer...

12.05.2011Special offer to IASST

Clanfilm Productions in Aberdeen has contacted us and introduced their newest product 'The Men Of Piper Alpha' which has been utilised by many of the industry leaders in all aspects of safety training and presentations. It's crucial that people are educated about the disaster itself and the importance...

21.04.2011IMRF Newsletter

Our Affiliated member IMRF has just published it's April 2011 newsletter that can be found at

03.12.2010IASST incorporated

On 2nd Desember 2010 the company International Association for Safety and Survival Training was incorporated under the Company House in United Kingdom. This is the first step to bring IASST to legal entity and full members are reminded to contact IASST Secretary about their willingness to continue their...

25.11.2010IASST in 2011; new legal structure

At last International IASST meeting held in October this year, members approved the proposed incorporation of IASST. On the 23rd November the officers of the Association signed necessary documents that will bring a new legal structure for IASST taking place from January 2011. It will become a UK registered...

04.11.2010EDINNA Project

Edinna (Education in Inland Navigation) is an International organization on Education in Inland Shipping and Navigation.Edinna was officially founded in February 2009 in Rotterdam as the European IWT educational network, as a part of Work Package 3 of Platina.Platina is an FP7 project consisting of 22...

26.09.2010Photos from meeting in Constanta Romania

Photos taken at the 57th International meeting of IASST held in Constanta Romania have been published on our web. Go to Gallery and look for the link to the photo's or use this link 

02.08.2010Job Advertisement

We have been made aware that the Nautical Institute is advertising a new position TRAINING AND QUALITY MANAGER which will be located in NI headquarters in London.   JOB ADVERTISEMENT – TRAINING AND QUALITY MANAGER    The Nautical Institute is seeking a self motivated, innovative...

18.06.2010Officers meeting

An Officers meeting was held in Gothenburg Sweden on the 9th of June. Present where all the Officers which all where participating in IMRF Conference on Mass Rescue at Sea. As no meeting was held in April due to volcanic eruptions in Iceland few matters needed to be addressed before the next meeting...

20.04.2010Cancellation of the 57th Meeting

Because of the volcanic activity on Iceland it is expected another shutdown of the airspace over Norway from Wednesday. Therefore IASST togetherwith ASK Safety AS have decided to cancel the 57th International IASSTMeeting. We are very sorry if this cause you any problems, butunfortunately we cannot do...

09.02.2010Death of Mary Schornagel

We have been informed that Mary Schornagel, wife of former IASST Chairman Dick Schornagel, passed away recently but she had been battling with cancer for some time.  Mary attended all meetings during Dick's time in office as Chairman (1993-1997) and was well known by many members and spouses of...

31.10.2009Photos from meeting in Alexandria Egypt

Photos from our last event in Alexandria Egypt have been added to the Gallery.  A link to view them is here

26.10.2009Meeting moved to Norway

At the 56th International Meeting of IASST the decision was taken to move the April Meeting 2010 from Indonesia to Norway due to unforeseen issues.  The meeting will be hosted by ASK Safety in Alesund Norway and further informations will be posted on the web in the beginning of November

25.04.2009Photos from past meetings

In November 2008 was the 54th IASST International meeting held in Freemantle Australia.  Jean Claude Guenneguez from Centre D’Etude et de Pratique de la Survie in France took photos at the event which can now be found at IASST photo site. 

08.12.2008Changes to membership list

In the past months changes have been made to the input of informations of members on this web.  Informations from our old memberslist was moved manually between systems and therefor errors could have sliped into our new system.  Members are asked to verify theyr informations and send corrections...

07.04.2008IASST International seminar

International seminar on stress   Monday  28 April 2008 in the Nordic House, Faroe Islands     The Safety Centre has for several years been a member of IASST, the International Association for Safety and Survival Training. IASST works to encourage an interchange of knowledge and...

29.02.2008New Medical Handbook

A modern, practical Medical Handbook for seafarers now available!

22.01.2008For sale

Our member in France Yann Chauty has informed us about following: Freefall-Lifeboat (without davit) for sale   Type : Joergernsen & Vik GESC22 - 1991 Dimensions : 6.77 x 2.5m Weight : 5000 Kg with 20 Pers. (lowering weight) 3725 Kg with 3 Pers. (hoisting weight)   for...

04.12.2007Capt. Langran awarded

  On the 20th November 2007 Michale Langran from Sea & Shore Safety Services Ltd. in Ireland was awarded by The International Life Saving Federation at a reception help in St Patrick's Hall, Dublin Castle. The citation of merit was awarded "in recognition of his devotion to the...

03.12.200753rd International Meeting

The next IASST International Meeting will be held in Faroe Island hosted by Seasafe, Klaksvik, Faroe Isl.  More information will be available soon under banner on our web page.

15.11.2007Chairman receive Safety Award

The Sea & Shore Safety Services ltd. in Dublin has since 1991 given awards to recognise those people or organisations who have participated in any aspect of marine safety. The annual safety awards for 2007 were presented on the Friday 9th in Royal St. George Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire.    The...

28.09.2007Next meeting

The 52nd IASST International Meeting will be held in Limassol Cyprus on October 13th.  The meeting is hosted by Hanseatic Marine Training School.  For members a list of participants can be found on restricted area under Next meeting informations. 

25.09.2007OPITO announce the appointment of Asia Pacific Regional Manager, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

OPITO are pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Lammiman as the Asia Pacific Regional Manager.     David Doig stated “I am delighted Peter has taken the role. He is well known to OPITO and encompasses the professional and personal attributes needed to support OPITO’s International...

31.07.200752nd International Meeting

52nd International Meeting   hosted by Hanseatic Marine Training School   Limassol Cyprus       October 13 – 16th 2007       Agenda for participants     Friday 12th   Arrival at Larnaca airport and transportation...

08.03.2007Search & Rescue 2007 Conference & Exhibition

This event is taking place on 2 – 3 April 2007 at the Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner, Washington D.C, USA.    SAR 2007 will bring together world leaders in Civil and Combat Search and Rescue, and give delegates the opportunity to hear their perspectives and priorities for saving lives...

06.02.2007The World Maritime Rescue Congress

I would like to inform you of an important new event being organised by The Shephard Group for the maritime community. The World Maritime Rescue Congress will bring together the world’s maritime, shipping and rescue communities. It will also celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Swedish Sea Rescue...

07.12.2006New Vice-Chairman

The IASST is pleased to announce the successful candidate for the election to the position of Vice Chairman is Marius Magnusson.  Marius has managed the Safety Centre (Trygdarmidstodin) in Klaksvik of the Faroe Islands since it was set up in 1998.  The Centre is a highly respected and modern training...

26.11.2006Slow changes in hooks for fast rescue boats

'Slow changes in hooks for fast rescue boats' "According to current SOLAS regulations, when it comes to ships, fast rescue boats (FRBs) are only required to be carried onboard ro-ro passenger ships, stipulating that one of the vessel's the rescue boats should be an FRB - ie 'fast'. But launching...

26.11.2006Liferaft boarding aids "are inadequate"

Liferaft boarding aids "are inadequate" "However much effort has gone into designing a liferaft, "it is of little benefit to the casualty if they are unable to enter the raft due to inadequate boarding aids." And boarding aids may well be inadequate, believes Dr Allan Keefe, research technologist...

20.10.2006IASST Issue

At the 50st IASST International Meeting following issue was agreed by the members:   The 50th International Meeting of the International Association of Safety and Survival Training (IASST) would like to highlight the great numbers of fishermen worldwide who receive no safety training and...

13.09.2006HUET Open Day Puts Visitors in a Spin

Oldham based EDM Limited and the Fleetwood Offshore Survival Centre recently hosted an open day to showcase their latest Helicopter Underwater Egress Trainer (HUET). The HUET was declared officially in service by MP for Blackpool North and Fleetwood, Joan Humble, who praised the centre’s facilities...

27.06.2006Reasons for IASST membership by John McMillan

REASONS FOR IASST MEMBERSHIP The following is a list of reasons that anyone involved or interested in safety of life at sea should become a member of the International Association for Safety and Survival Training. 1) With members from all around the world, it provides a valuable “resource” of...

27.12.2005Maritime Issues Discussed At International Meeting

Read all about the 48th IASST International Meeting and Safety Symposium at  

13.12.2005IASST Issue

48th International Meeting of International Association of Safety and Survival Training would like to draw the attention to the importance of refresher training for all marine workers.  IASST urges all nations to raise the safety awareness of their marine workers by making refresher training mandatory...

02.12.2005IASST in 25 years

Dear member Congratulations on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the International Association of Safety and Survival Training (IASST). The association’s founding meeting was held 25 years ago at Fanö, Denmark, attended by progressive and ambitious men who decided to join their efforts...