27.06.2006 Reasons for IASST membership by John McMillan


The following is a list of reasons that anyone involved or interested in safety of life at sea should become a member of the International Association for Safety and Survival Training.

1) With members from all around the world, it provides a valuable “resource” of international training techniques/procedures. This insures that members knowledge on the subject matter is valid and most current available to industry.

2)  It doesn’t matter what industry your facility provides training too, ie fishing, offshore oil, shipping, there are training members to assist with training guidelines & training standards.


3)  Opportunities to visit exciting places around the world and experience foods, cultures, people and local history of places you probably would have never visited in your life.


4) Meet people that may/will have an impact on your life and realize that the training of people that make there living over/on the water is more than just a paycheck but a positive contribution to their lives.


5) Attend IASST conferences to listen & meet world leaders in the subject of emergency preparedness training and other survival related topics.


6) Provides that little extra knowledge, confidence & exposure that your “competitors” only wish they had.


7) Be a part of a group that can make a difference in the lives of others.