13.09.2006 HUET Open Day Puts Visitors in a Spin

Oldham based EDM Limited and the Fleetwood Offshore Survival Centre recently hosted an open day to showcase their latest Helicopter Underwater Egress Trainer (HUET).

The HUET was declared officially in service by MP for Blackpool North and Fleetwood, Joan Humble, who praised the centre’s facilities and expressed her satisfaction that the HUET was made in the North West of England to such high standards.

The HUET has been specifically designed, certified and manufactured by EDM Limited, in order to train students on the methods of underwater escape when faced with water ditching from a rotary or fixed wing aircraft. The trainer is designed to carry between two and ten personnel and the doors and windows can be interchanged to represent a wide range of aircraft. The seats are clamp fixed to the cabin floor, which allows them to be repositioned or removed to suit the training scenario. The addition of wing stubs on either side of the HUET also allows for exit over wing egress training – an opportunity already recently taken up by crew of the Nimrod Maritime Reconnaissance Aircraft. The unit is made using the most rigorous raw materials and manufacturing and design standards, is operated from a controllers console and has the capability to be inverted a full 180°.

The recently completed HUET is housed within Fleetwood Offshore Survival Centre’s (FOSC) state of the art 18m x16m x4m tank at their Nautical Campus on the outskirts of Fleetwood. The training facility at FOSC offers the ideal environment for aircraft users to train for offshore survival situations and includes a wave machine capable of producing a metre swell wave of various patterns. Additionally, darkness and rainfall can be created to provide extreme abandonment conditions.

During the open day, visitors were offered the chance to experience the HUET for themselves. This opportunity was taken by several guests, some of whom requested a repeat submersion with the doors in place.

EDM’s Business Development Manager, Mick Bonney, said “We were extremely heartened by visitor feedback during the event. This is a new product for EDM, but there is a definite global market demand for the HUET a d we believe that we have not only produced a product of the highest quality, but have managed this at a highly competitive price point”.