07.12.2006 New Vice-Chairman

The IASST is pleased to announce the successful candidate for the election to the position of Vice Chairman is Marius Magnusson.  Marius has managed the Safety Centre (Trygdarmidstodin) in Klaksvik of the Faroe Islands since it was set up in 1998.  The Centre is a highly respected and modern training facility catering primarily to the fishing industry.   
As agreed at the International meeting in Sibenik Croatia, voting for the position would be conducted electronically.  87 full members were eligible to vote. 22 votes were received. 68% vote: Marius Magnusson    32% vote Yann Chauty.  The ballot was conducted by the IASST Secretary, Bob Rutherford of the Marine Institute St. John’s Newfoundland and overseen by Irena Petina, Administration Assistant Marine Institute