07.04.2008 IASST International seminar

International seminar on stress


Monday  28 April 2008 in the Nordic House, Faroe Islands



The Safety Centre has for several years been a member of IASST, the International Association for Safety and Survival Training. IASST works to encourage an interchange of knowledge and experience between safety trainers around the world, with an emphasis on training in the maritime, offshore and aviation sectors. Members of IASST meet at regular intervals and at the end of April, the Faroese representatives in IASST are hosting a meeting in the Faroe Islands. In conjunction with the meeting there will be a special seminar in the Nordic House focusing on stress at sea, which is of particular relevance for the fisheries sector and the health services. 


Why focus on stress? It is no secret that a macho mentality is prevalent among fishermen, and it is also a fact that a great deal of stress is involved with work at sea. This is one of the reasons that far too many - at a relatively young age – suffer the consequences of work pressure in such an environment.  


One of the main speakers at the seminar is Steven Callahan from the USA, who capsized in his sailboat in 1982, and drifted alone at sea for 76 days. In addition to a variety of books and articles, Steven Callahan has written the acclaimed book 76 days adrift about his own experiences. He will be speaking about stress in the life boat. 


Other experts addressing the seminar are: Doctor Pįl Weihe, who will give a presentation on signs of stress in fishermen; Óli Hans Hammer Olsen, former director of the Faroese Maritime Authority, who will discuss the legislative framework regarding safety at sea; psychologist Eyšun Joensen, who will discuss the treatment of survivors from accidents at sea; and Halvard Aasjord from SINTEFF, who will talk about the fishing vessel as a future workplace.  


Registration should be addressed to Greengate: kamilla@greengate.fo. Everyone with an interest in this important issue is warmly encouraged to attend. 


We look forward to welcoming you.


Vinarliga/Best regards


Marius Magnusson