04.11.2010 EDINNA Project

Edinna (Education in Inland Navigation) is an International organization on Education in Inland Shipping and Navigation.
Edinna was officially founded in February 2009 in Rotterdam as the European IWT educational network, as a part of Work Package 3 of Platina.
Platina is an FP7 project consisting of 22 partners from 9 different countries and is created to promote the NAIADES action programme.
For further information see www.naiades.info.
EDINNA is developing, in close cooperation with various stakeholders, the STCIN (Standards of Training and Certification in Inland Navigation).
Furthermore EDINNA focuses in its working programme on activities in the following area:
1) Harmonization of European Inland Navigation Education and Training;
2) Training Equipment and Simulators;
3) Communication and Language;
4) Exchange Programmes for students, teachers and management.

At the moment a working group formed by Belgium, France and Poland is working on a standard language (English) for communication between ships and between ships and shore stations.