25.11.2010 IASST in 2011; new legal structure

At last International IASST meeting held in October this year, members approved the proposed incorporation of IASST. On the 23rd November the officers of the Association signed necessary documents that will bring a new legal structure for IASST taking place from January 2011. It will become a UK registered ‘guarantee company’, a form of limited company used by charities and not for profit organisations. 

Members have asked whether the new legal structure of the organisation affects their liability as members which it does not.  It is a limited liability company; only the directors of the company can find themselves with liability for its actions and that liability arises if they do not act in accordance with the duties placed on them under UK law.  The directors of the company will be the same people as are currently the officers of IASST and the method for appointing new directors remains much the same as it has always been, i.e. appointment by majority vote of Full Members at an international meeting.

All full members need to sign their membership with the Secretary by New Year but Associated and Personal members will automatically be member of the new IASST. All Full members should have received mail from the Chairman but if that has not happened then those who have not got letter should contact the Chairman a.s.a.p.

The photo below was taken when the Chairman, Capt. Hilmar Snorrason, signed the application for forming the company International Association for Safety and Survival Training under UK law.


Chairman signing application for legal structure of IASST