12.05.2011 Special offer to IASST

Clanfilm Productions in Aberdeen has contacted us and introduced their newest product 'The Men Of Piper Alpha' which has been utilised by many of the industry leaders in all aspects of safety training and presentations. It's crucial that people are educated about the disaster itself and the importance of safety as a whole.

Due to the fact that 'The Men Of Piper Alpha' contains never seen before footage, reconstructions of the events that night as well as compelling interviews with leading industry figures, survivors, and rescue workers and it's also the only production of Piper that contains actual footage from that night and the rescue mission being that there was only one film camera there that night.

Due to all of these attributes 'The Men Of Piper Alpha' box set has to be distributed with a 10 year training licence to cover all copyright costs of the material itself and to allow companies to utilise it as part of their training and safety presentations.

Clanfilm has now offered special fantastic reduced price offer for 4 digital masters and full 10 year Global training licence and box set to IASST training providers for the next two weeks. For those who are interested and wish not to miss this offer should contact Jim Lynch at clanfilms@aol.com or the Chairman chairman@iasst.com for further details.  Link to a full trailer of The Men Of Piper Alpha can be found at www.scottishmovie.com/Piper.htm