24.05.2011 SafeSpace Project

Bob Couttie of Maritime Accident Casebook has launched a new project SafeSpace which is an initiative to reduce the unacceptable death toll of seafarers in confined spaces. It is his hope that his will become a collaborative, industry-wide effort actively seeking to reach out to those who suffer most, the seafarer and encourage him to take ownership of his or her own safety and encourage safety in others. SafeSpace is a free project with aims to bring together those in the industry with an active and passionate commitment to safety to mount an assault on a phenomenon that costs too many seafarers their lives every year. SafeSpace is not about what the IMO, or any other organisation or company can do or should do, it’s about what we ourselves can do to make change happen. Your task is to commit to doing something, right now. It doesn’t matter how small. IASST encourages all members to join the SafeSpace project by sending an email to safespace@maritimeaccident.org. Working together can make the difference. 

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