02.02.2012 A tale from sole survivor

On January 25th 2012 the Icelandic trawler Hallgrimur sank in the North Atlantic off the coast of Norway in full storm. Three crewmembers perished while the fourth Eirikur Ingi Johannsson survived after spending over three hours in 15 meter high seas in survival suit. He tells here his story but she is with English subtitle. This nearly 80 minutes interview tells us how the last moment onboard where and how he and his shipmates struggled to get out of the vessel and then later on fighting to survive with only one heavily damaged liferaft in sight. This is a story that no one in survival training should miss. The will to survive can be heard here in interview with the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service one week after the incident.


The trawler was on her way from Iceland to Norway for delivery to new owners.

Photo: Capt. Hilmar Snorrason