05.07.2015 Competition Jūrų keliais 2015 in Lithuania. IASST granted 1000 Eur to the best team.

The Directors of IASST observed school teams participating in the competition “Jūrų keliais 2015” organised by the Lithuanian Maritime Academy to promote the profession of seafarer. It coincided with the 66th IASST International meeting & seminar hosted by Novikontas in Klaipeda Lithuania.

The program of Jūrų keliais consisted of a series of different exercises in navigation, safety and survival. The competition was full of "sea spirit" with a lot of positive emotions and enthusiastic participants from all over the Lithuania. After a whole day of exercises all teams get small gifts from organisers/sponsors with the winners taking the main prize including a significant addition from IASST. IASST granted 1000 Euro (one thousand) to the best team (for them to spend as a group?).

The Directors of IASST would encourage the expansion of the “Jūrų keliais” competition internationally.