27.11.2017 Milhar Fuazudeen - Honorary Member of the IASST

The Directors of IASST are pleased to announce Mr Milhar Fuazudeen’ as an Honorary Member of the IASST. Mr Fuazudeen attended the IASST Seminar 29 September - 3 October 2017 hosted by CERONAV Maritime Safety Training Centre at the 71st IASST International Meeting & Seminar held in Bucharest where he was granted this deserved position for his vast contribution to improve the safety of a human element in a maritime industry worldwide. Mr Fuazudeen is the Head of Maritime Training and Human Element in IMO’s Maritime Safety Division since January of 2012. He is the Secretary of the Human Element, Training and Watch keeping (HTW) Sub-Committee and was the Secretary of the Human Element Working Group.
His present work includes the implementation of the Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers as well as STCW-F Convention, he has been working on the ISM Code and other Human Element-related issues.
“Mr Milhars’ contribution to maritime industries’ safety cannot be overemphasised. The work of Mr Fuazudeen is incredible, it’s apparently a honourable merit”, says honorary member of IASST Hilmar Snorrason. During all his professional life Mr Fuazudeen has been spending his energy to create real safety environment for those involved in maritime inducstry. Mr Fuazudeen has devoted himself to promotion safety of life at sea and the protection of the marine environment.
“Mr Fuazudeen’s vivid and inspiring speeches always concerns the most important questions and inspires on actions forced to the improvement of maritime field’s safety. It’s a privilege to have a person of this calibre among honorary members of IASST,” says IASST chairman Dmitrijs Semjonovs.