The Interational Association for Safety and Survival Training (IASST) is a highly professional Organization, which pays efforts to improve efficiency of safety and survival training all over the World, as a consequence - to save lifes of seafarers.

The IASST has vast experience of more than 40 years in the fieldand which is combined by the expertse of all our members. The IASST is a huge network of 150+ Members, located in 50+ Countries and on all Continents. Every single member contributes to the development of the Association and safety of seafarers.

Commitment of the IASST through the membership is to:

  • Promote effective maritime safety and survival training. 

  • Encourage the interchange of ideas and information with a view to 
improving the quality of training internationally. 

  • Encourage instructor exchanges. 

  • Contribute to development and improvement of safety and survival 

  • Forge and maintain links with government, industry, national and 
international organizations. 

  • Provide consultative and advisory services in safety and survival training. 

  • Raise the profile of the Association in order to encourage and increase the 
membership internationally.