Call for Marketing Director
Nov 2021

In accordance with the rules of the IASST each Director has a term of office of three years. Next year 2022, our current Marketing Director Aleksejs Bogdanecs completes his cycle of 3 years period.
That means IASST is making the official call for nominations for the position of Marketing Director.

Eligible criteria for application as follows:
- represents Member Organization in good standing
- leadership skills
- high sense of responsibility

Responsibilities of the Marketing Director are:
- Promotes the Association internationally
- Prepares Agenda for all Directors, General, Extraordinary and International meetings
- Undertakes activities to promote membership of the IASST
- Chairperson of the papers sub committee
- Participates in or chairs other sub committees as required
- Editor of the IASST website
- Contact person with meeting, seminar and conference host for preparation of IASST events.
- and many more.

In case of interest, please send your CV to the