IASST 40th anniversary
Apr 2020

This year IASST celebrates its 40th anniversary.

40 years ago the founder members - original survival training organizations, collectively formed the IASST. The following organizations are Founder Members of the Association: (Current successor organizations given in brackets where applicable)

• Offshore Survival Centre, Robert Gordon’s Institute of Technology (Petrofac)

• Nautisch College “Noorder Haaks” (Den Helder Training Centre BV, DenHelder), The Netherlands

• McMillan Offshore Survival Technology (MOST), Lafayette, Louisiana, U.S.A.

• Statens Havarivernskole, Norway

• The Swedish Maritime Administration Search and Rescue Service, Norrkoping, Sweden

• Danish Maritime Authority, Maritime Education Division, Copenhagen, Denmark

• Statens Sjoaspirantskole Bergen, Norway

• The Marine Institute, St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

• Stavanger Maritime Videregaende Skole, Stavanger, Norway (SOTS – Stavanger Offshore Training Centre)

Thanks to this initiative the industry has undergone very necessary and deep improvements – let’s keep it safe!